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The Clint Cronin Show

Thanks for checking out the Clint Cronin Show. Welcome to Cronin Club. We're the first ones on the mat and the last ones to leave. Training starts before the sun rises. Never too hot, never too cold. Nobody wants to hear a grown ass man complain so shut up and train :) 

May 23, 2018

I'm with Dave "Buzzsaw" Mitchell and Kyle Hand "The Gentleman Grappler" at One World Jiu Jitsu in Newark, CA. Sunday night at One World is the longest running, biggest, and best open mat in all of space and time. It's open to the public, there is no drop in charge. Come train with us every Sunday night. Dave and Kyle...

May 16, 2018

Chad is back. We talk about mother's day 2018, over eating, jiu jitsu, upcoming movies and more. Chad is a brown belt from One World Jiu Jitsu. Thanks to @wantvsneed . Come see us on the mat @oneworldjiujitsu and @akasunnyvale if you are in the Bay Area ! 

May 9, 2018

Call him Captain Underhook. Chad Sunderland ( One World Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt ) is back in studio. We talk about Avengers: Infinity War, Jiu Jitsu and other amazing things here on the Clint Cronin Show. Spoiler Warning - if you haven't seen Infinity War we talk details and spoil some stuff so you've been warned. As...

Apr 23, 2018

Tess Casey & Judy Gomes are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts and are both long time competitors who returned to high level competition at IBJJF Pans last month in Irvine, CA since becoming moms. 

Tess Casey is accomplished grappler and a black belt graded by John J. Janero and Xande Ribeiro. An assistant instructor to...

Apr 11, 2018

Alex "The Blade" Khanbabian is a BJJ Black Belt under Dave Camarillo, former MMA fighter, and owner of AKA in Sunnyvale, CA. This time we talk about Ronda Rousey's pro wrestling debut at Wrestlemania 34, Conor McGregor losing his mind at UFC 223 in Brooklyn last week and other fun topics. Jiu Jitsu is Life.