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The Clint Cronin Show

Thanks for checking out the Clint Cronin Show. Welcome to Cronin Club. We're the first ones on the mat and the last ones to leave. Training starts before the sun rises. Never too hot, never too cold. Nobody wants to hear a grown ass man complain so shut up and train :) 

Sep 19, 2016

Ulises Bella: is a grammy award winning artist from the band Ozomatli, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and one of the founders of The Ghetto Dojo in East LA
Eve Torres Gracie is a former 3x WWE Diva’s Champion, an actress, the instructor of the Gracie Women Empowered Self Defense Program winner of NBC's Stars Earn Stripes, & the wife of ..
Rener Gracie: is one of the most charismatic and outspoken members of the Jiu Jitsu community and is well known for his “Gracie Breakdown “ videos he produces with his brother Ryron Gracie. He is the head instructor of the famed Gracie Academy and founder of Gracie University. Rener Gracie is Jiu Jitsu royalty in every way possible.
All three of these people came together today to donate their time and energy to putting on an awesome -free- women’s self defense seminar in the Boyle Heights community in East Los Angeles, CA. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of this event.
Tait Fletcher
The biggest event in UFC history is now in the record books.
- Brock Lesnar won a unanimous decision victory over Mark Hunt ?
- Daniel Cormier bested Anderson "The Spider" Silva by decision ?
- Amanda Nunes became the new Bantamweight champion in the main event ?
.... A month ago none of these things were scheduled to even happen this way. We sit down with Tait Fletcher. You may know Tait from a number of movies, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Church of What's Happenin Now with Joey "Coco" Diaz, his career in mixed martial arts, his work as a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, his show on iTunes "Pirate Life Radio", one of his businesses like Caveman Coffee or Undisputed Fitness. Yeah, basically this guy is everywhere. Big Thanks to Tait for coming on the show. We had a lot of fun.