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The Clint Cronin Show

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Jul 10, 2017

Last week I drove down to Los Angeles for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s first US based event . Whether you love or hate pro wrestling the level of entertainment you get from Japanese wrestling is insane. The fans are crazy about it and for good reason. The stuff these guys are able to do it a wrestling ring is insane. Since it’s Japanese based there’s more of a “shoot style” kind of mma influence in a lot of the stuff they do ( when they’re not bouncing off the roof flying and stuff lol ) !



Anyway! From there I drove down to Palm Springs to hang out with Roy Dean and record some content for our channels. We did a 2 hour podcast which is linked on this post. His videos and teaching style are something I’ve really appreciated about Roy for a long time. We have been in contact online for quite some time but actually spending time him was pretty cool. He went out of his way to be accommodating and actually taught me a lot of stuff about video editing I just didn’t know. I’ve always really liked the way he produces his videos. I remember buying his “blue belt requirements” dvd set 10 years ago or something crazy like that since back then a blue belt was this whole huge deal. ( Belt promotions tended to be few and far between back then at least where I trained and no one really knew what it took ).


I’m back in Las Vegas since Friday now ( I spent a few days at home back in Sunnyvale ( near San Jose, CA ) but had to come out for international fight week. I went to the TUF finale with some friends ( actually got hooked up with some sweet box seats at the T-Mobile arena which was pretty amazing. I’m probably going to head back to Robert Drysdale’s place and get some training in before heading back to California. I’ve got some shows coming up later in the month I’m extremely stoked about.


Most people in the Jiu Jitsu scene know Roy Dean for his videos. He’s a 3rd degree black belt under Roy Harris and his game is very slick. He’s very deliberate and well spoken in his instructional tapes and one I definitely recommend for people who want to come in and drill useful techniques with their friends. While belt requirements from gym to gym are absolutely not standardized the techniques that were shown in his blue belt requirements are still things I use to this day even as a black belt. Grab that dvd for sure if you are a white belt wondering kind of “where you are” or what is generally expected. Roy is very well spoken and the production quality of his stuff is top notch.